Hello, my name is Gareth Matthews, I am a Celebrant & Registered Solemniser based in Co. Louth.  I am married 08 years and live in a lovely village with my husband and our two dogs, Buddy & Willow (both rescues).  


For over 20 years I worked within my community and have worked with some amazing organisations, groups and people.  When I turned 40 a change in direction presented itself to me, I was stumped as to what direction to take but I also knew I wanted to continue working within the community.  From an early age, I loved weddings and ceremonies, particularly the ritual and importance of ceremony. 

This is where my training in Celebrancy began.  During my training, I learned about celebrancy, the importance of the role within the community and the importance of ritual.  This struck a huge chord with me as I am very much a people person and love being around people.

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As a Celebrant and Registered Solemniser, I can offer families a full range of ceremonies to mark all life's milestones/rite of passage while meeting the individual needs of couples and families.  Ceremonies range from Weddings, Baby Naming, Rite of Passage to Funerals. 


Personally, family and the importance of family is everything to me, (my family are my world).  Values I hold close are respect, honesty, openness, kindness, listening, equality, trustworthiness, empathy & understanding. 


I would describe myself as a kind person, who is warm, open, a great listener, trustworthy and will make you feel at ease, as together we create memorable family ceremonies.

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