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Hello! My name is Gareth Matthews,  I am a Celebrant and Registered Solemniser, proudly nestled in the heart of Co. Louth.  A little backstory about me – I've been happily married for a decade, sharing my life with my loving husband, and we're blessed with the joy and fun presence of our two precious rescue dogs, Buddy and Willow.


My journey into the world of Celebrancy took a unique path.  For over two decades, I poured my heart into serving my community, collaborating with incredible organisations, groups, and, most importantly, extraordinary people.  As I approached the age of 40, destiny unveiled my true calling as a Celebrant.

During my training, I delved deep into the art of celebrancy, understanding its profound significance with the community and the timeless power of ritual. It struck a resounding chord with me, for I'm a true people person at heart.

Gareth Matthews Celebrant - Woodside Chapel
Gareth Matthews Celebrant - Paul O'Connor Photographerjpg.jpg

Now, as a Celebrant and Registered Solemniser, my mission is clear – to craft ceremonies that embrace life's cherished milestones and rites of passage.  Whether it's the radiant glow of a wedding, a heart-warming baby naming ceremony, guiding a family through a significant rite of passage, or offering solace and respect in times of farewell, I'm here to curate these moments with the utmost care and personalisation.


On a personal note, family and the importance of family is at the centre of my life, and they are my world.  My core values include unwavering respect, honesty, openness, kindness, listening, equality, trustworthiness, empathy, and a profound understanding of human nature.


In a world brimming with life's significant moments, let's embark on this journey together to create unforgettable ceremonies and memories.

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