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Family Poem -“Family Means Different Things"

Today I would like to share with you a beautiful family poem called -

“Family Means Different Things” - by Kelly Roper.

Family means different things to different people. To some, family means mom, dad and the kids. To others, family means single parents doing the job of two to make a home. To some, family means living with grandparents too. To others, family is the aunt or uncle who has stepped up to fill in for parents. To some, family means two moms or two dads growing a family together. To others, family means two people multiplying their love through adoption. To some, family is limited to blood relations. To others, family includes friends who are there through thick and thin. To some, family is all about the people in their lives. To others, pets are considered family members too. Yes, family means different things to different people, But every family has one thing in common, and that's LOVE.


Gareth - Always & Forever xxx

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