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Methods of Payment: 

Always & Forever accepts payment for services via Bank Transfer, Bank Draft, ChequeCard or Cash.

Bank Transfer: 

 If you would like to pay via Bank Transfer please let me know and I will forward you on the Bank details.  

(Please note, when paying by Bank transfer please put your name in the comments so I can track your payment and issue you with a receipt) 


Cheque & Drafts: 

If using Cheque or Draft method, please make payment to “Gareth Matthews”.

Card Payments: 

Card payments can be taken over the phone or via a secure link sent to your email.  

(Please note all card payments will incur a 2% surcharge)


If you would like to pay via Revolut please search for my number in the Revolut app (086 868 8641). Or if you would like a Revolut payment link, let me know and I will forward via email. (Please note, Revolut payment links incur a 2% surcharge)

Thank you in advance,


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