Wedding Ceremony Enhancements:




Handfasting is an ancient Celtic custom in which the couple come together at the start of their marriage relationship and fast their hands together, this is where the expression “tying the knot” comes from.  In traditional Celtic handfasting the ribbons that bind the couple's hands are made up of different colours, each with its own special unique meaning. 

Here is a list of each colour and its meaning:

  • Red: passion, strength, lost, fertility 

  • Orange: encouragement, attraction, kindness, plenty 

  • Green: finances, fertility, charity, prosperity, health 

  • Yellow: charm, confidence, joy 

  • Blue: tranquillity, patience. Devotion, sincerity 

  • Purple: power, piety, sanctity, sentimentality 

  • Black: strength, wisdom, vision, success 

  • White: purity, concentration, meditation, peace 

  • Gray: neutrality, cancelling, balance

  • Pink: unity, honour, truth, romance, happiness 

  • Brown: earth, grounding, talent, telepathy, home 

  • Silver: treasure, values, creativity, inspiration 

  • Gold: energy, wealth, intelligence, longevity  

The above meanings are just a guide to the colours, each colour may represent a different meaning for you individually or as a couple.  If you would like to include any of the colours above with your own specific meaning that is no problem, this can be incorporated into your handfasting ceremony making it individual to you as a couple.

Jumping the Broom:


Jumping the broom is a ceremony where the couple at the end of their wedding ceremony jump over the broom together signifying the beginning of their new married life together.  Jumping in together with both feet.  

Unity Candles:

The unity candle ceremony is performed to symbolise the joining together of the two families, and their love for the couple, into one united family.  More often it is to symbolize the union of two individuals becoming one in commitment. 


Sand Ceremony:


The different colour sands represent the individual lives of the couple.  Although combined into a single sand ceremony vase, the layers of colour show that both members of the couple have retained their unique identities and personalities. 

Wine Box Capsule:

The couple write a love letter to one another before the ceremony, expressing their thoughts about the good qualities that they have found in their partner and the reason/s for falling in love.  The ceremony will give this a narrative and the couple will place their love letters into a box along with a bottle or two of their favourite wine.  The box is then sealed to be opened on the couples 05th anniversary.  The box is locked during the ceremony.


Ring Warming: 


A ring warming ceremony involves the couples wedding rings being circulated among the wedding guests during the wedding ceremony.  The guests hold the rings and make a wish for the couple’s marriage.  The rings eventually return to the best man/woman/person prior to the ring exchange.  This is a lovely way to involve everyone in your wedding ceremony. (The rings are usually tied to a pillow cushion/box during this enhancement)

Rose / Flower Ceremony:

This is a moving enhancement, the couple exchange two roses, symbolizing the giving and receiving of their love for each other throughout their entire married life. It is also an expression of union and love between the couple.