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During our consultation I will ask several questions about your loved one.  


Below is a list of some of these questions, along with our consultation chat and the stories you share, I will begin to build a eulogy/life story.

  • Name of Client: (You)

  • Phone Number:

  • Email Address:

  • Name of Your Loved One:

  • Had Your Loved-one a Nickname?

  • How did your loved one pass? (this does not need to be answered, if you don't wish)

  • Date of Birth?:

  • Married / Name?:

  • Significant Relationships: If not married?

  • Any Children?, what are their names?  

  • Any Grandchildren/Great grandchildren? 

  • Family? Brothers, Sisters etc names: 

  • Any significant Friends: 

  • Where did your loved one Grew Up?

  • What School's did they attend? 

  • What was their profession / work: (trade qualifications and achievements)

  • Had your loved one a "Philosophy of Life"?: 

  • Had your loved one any Likes/Dislikes/Hobbies: 

  • Would you like to share any Funny Stories: 

  • Had your loved one any sayings or qualities? 

  • Did your loved one have any wishes for their ceremony?  

  • Would you like any special readings or poetry?

  • What special Music would you like? 

  • Is there anything else you would like included?