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During our consultation, I will ask several questions about your loved one.  


Below is a list of some of these questions, along with our consultation chat and the stories you share, I will begin to build a eulogy/life story.

Sample Questions:

  1. Your Email Address:

  2. Name of Your Loved One:

  3. Had Your Loved One A Nickname:

  4. How Did Your Loved One Pass? (this does not need to be answered, if you don't wish)

  5. Loved Ones - Date Of Birth:

  6. Was Your Married / (If Yes) What Was Their Married Name:

  7. Significant Relationships - If not married:

  8. Any Children?, (If Yes) What Are Their Names: 

  9. Any Grandchildren/Great Grandchildren: 

  10. Does Your Loved One Have Family – eg: Brothers, Sisters etc (If So) What Are Their Names: 

  11. Did Your Loved One Have Any Significant Friends: 

  12. Where Did Your Loved One Grew Up:

  13. What School's Did Your Loved One Attend: 

  14. What Was Your Loved One Profession / Work: (trade qualifications etc):

  15. Did Your Love One Have Any Achievements,  Accomplishments Or Proud Moments:

  16. Would You Like To Share Any Funny Stories: 

  17. Had Your Loved One A "Philosophy of Life": 

  18. Had Your Loved One Any Sayings Or Qualities: 

  19. Had Your Loved One Any Likes/Dislikes/Hobbies: 

  20. Did Your Loved One Have Any Wishes For Their Ceremony?  

  21. Would You Like Any Special Readings or Poetry?

  22. What Special Music Would You Like? 

  23. Is There Anything Else You Would Like Included? 

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